Tamarack Redway

Dalish Elven Rogue


Name:          Tam Redway
Background:    Dalish Elf
Class/Level:   Rogue
Age: 29        Gender:  Male  

 Height:        5'10"
 Weight:        145 lbs

Communication*:                  3
Constitution:                    1
Cunning:                         1
Dexterity*:                      2
Magic:                          -1
Perception*:                     2
Strength:                        0
Willpower:                       3

Speed:     14  (Charge: 7; Run: 28)
Defense:   12
Armor:      3  (Penalty: 0)
Health:    28

Class Powers & Spells

Rogue's Armor

Melee Weapons

Short Sword         +2           1d6+2
LongBow             +4           1d6+3     26yds    52yds  minor
  2 x quivers(20 arrows)



Elven (spoken)
Trade Tongue


Travelers Garb
Light Leather Armor
Belt Pouch
Healer's Kit


Tam has traveled for several years with his Dalish clan, bouncing across the countryside in his tribe’s aravel. Though many of the Dalish elves shun humans and seek to avoid them, Tam’s family clan did not feel that isolation was the best option.

Instead they would openly trade with humans they encountered, even daring to camp outside larger city walls for several days at a time to trade between elf and human. Some say this was to cover for reaching out to the city elves who were viewed as trapped in the human life within the city. Others say this was to help them learn more and afford opportunity to hear of any discoveries of ancient elven ruins.

In either case, Tam learned a lot in his travels and learned to use human’s as a means to an end. Tam still finds himself filled with the need to make discoveries of ancient elven ruins that might help the Dalish unlock more secrets of their past and their ancient relatives.

He also learned much about scouting ahead of the aravels and even defending the wagons as needs arose.

With his interesting mix of talents and loyalty to the Dalish elves he chose to leave the traveling family and seek out these secrets on his own, believing he could operate faster than if he was beholden to the slower moving traveling clan. He left on good terms and he still on occasion seeks out his traveling clan wagons to catch them up on his own travels.

Tam has a flexibly personality that he molds into the social scene that he needs to fit in with to further his search for lost ancient ruins of this people. He places the needs of his own elvish people above all others, though he knows not to get involved in open conflict with humans if he can help it.

Tam has a face tattoo common to the Dalish people. Black hair that is just shy of being shoulder length and brown eyes. He relies on his stealth and dexterity above his strength, his arms thin, though sinewy.

Tamarack Redway

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